Dharini Ragini

" The choices after completing 12th can be like playing Russian Roulette, but you've to play. There's no choice "

Coming from not so sorted society, we never really had our visions clear like a crystal. But we always believed in the fortunes, that efforts and hard-work bring to our lives. At a point, we were not able to decide what to pursue for the graduation, to fulfil our dreams and climbing on top with the stairs of our ambition. In a society, where opting science is the measuring scale for success, we really struggled in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. But anyhow, completed our 12th and then were ready to dive in the next stage of chaos and dilemma. We welcome you into our story, Dharini and Ragini, the doppelgangers from Betul, Madhya Pradesh.

Reading above are some serious cases that we have witnessed in our life, but they're not unusual, because one way or another, this is the story of every girl in this society. We have to face denials, money problems, and most annoyingly, boys. It isn't the case that we are afraid to face these problems, but our main problem is this society, which is undermining us and making us vulnerable. But after all this, there was redemption, where we found happiness and comfort. Our biology teacher was no less than a beacon of enlightenment to us. We were two lost girls, having no idea of what to do next in life. Along with our parents, he was the only one in this world who was helpful, where everyone valued us at zero. He was so concerned and helpful, which fills us with delight and dignity. Like a guide and motivator, he took us out of the dark cave and sorted our lives. Because of him, we are very focused on where to step next in our lives.

All these situations in life are very necessary to make the taste sweeter, of the achievements that we wish and work for. It is our friendship and bond that has brought us to this excellent college, where we can dream freely and feel independent for our thoughts. We are there for each other, and will always be, till the end of the time.

Humans of Mansarovar