Global Education - Indian Values

Education is a process in which and by which knowledge, character and behaviour of the young are shaped and mould. - Prof. Drever

India has always been known for its rich tradition in the area of learning and education since ancient times. Unfortunately, the current modern system of education brought to India in the year 1835 by Lord Macauley is more commercial in nature and is all about rat race to be ahead of others. There is a complete absence of personality development; creation of moral conscience and most importantly it doesn’t impart holistic learning to the students.

Today the entire world has shrunken into a global village and, every parent is keen on preparing their children for global citizenship through International Education. The blend of international education with Indian values can help turn the kids of today into a valuable asset for the coming days. It is the combined responsibility of the adults at home, schools, and society at large to lead the children of today towards a bright future and valuable life.

Value education plays a vital role in education by helping to bring about the overall development of the student and to create tomorrow’s good citizens through the medium of education.

Importance of Indian Value Education:

  • The students are made aware of their duties not only towards self, family, or society but towards the country as well.
  • Regular recitation of national anthem evokes feelings of patriotism and helps inculcating a responsible citizenship character in students particularly when the society and the Nation face crisis.
  • The school assembly culture where students begin the day with a prayer helps them gather a lot of energy to do well and be good in their day. This also develops a feeling of unity among all the students and teachers.
  • By learning to live together, and with others enables students to peacefully resolve conflicts, understand others and their cultures, foster community capability, individual competence and capacity, economic toughness, and social inclusion.
  • The inclusion of the holistic education that works on a value-based system focus is given on the uniqueness of individuals so that they can excel in their area of interest. This also helps build a good character which is much aloof from fierce competition and increased stress levels that many a time leads to depression.
  • Value education can help attain happiness, bliss and in the end salvation.
  • The practice of “charan sparsh” is a sign of respect for the age, maturity, nobility, and divinity. This way of humbly acknowledging the greatness of another reflects the strong bond and ties in our relations.
  • Indian value education system ensures that teachers and students endure a friendly relation and respect each other's thoughts.

Indian education institutes haven't yet forgotten their foundational values, because of which the overall development of not only our society but of the individual as well is not just stable but sustainable also.

We at Mansarovar Group believe in the holistic development of scholars by providing them a constructive, a stress-free learning environment and instilling Indian values among them. This education system not only inspires creativity and analytical thinking in them but also opens doors for the all-round development of the pupils. Overall the thought of inculcating a global education system based on Indian values isn't just to assist the students in understanding the concept of a balanced life but also to develop a person as a human being.

With newer pedagogies in teaching, international curriculum, digitalization, and technological advances, and traditional Indian values as a base, the kids of today will be equipped to thrive in any part of the world.


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