Global Education - Indian Values

Education is a process in which and by which knowledge, character & behaviour of the young are shaped and mould, Prof. Drever. India known for its tradition.
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Be Remarkable

re•mark•able [adjective]: worthy of being noticed, especially as being uncommon or extraordinary. Being remarkable is about challenging yourself, taking risks and pushing boundaries. Instead of deciding on what 'not to do', decide - what you are going to do'.
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Shruti Raj

Without much efforts, I scored lucrative marks in 10th standard. And eventually, *expectations were raised*. I expected a little from myself, and my parents expected a lot, but my school wasn't writing up to my expectations.After opting biology in 11th standard, the school wasn't a serious case at all for me.
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Ranjeet Patel

The weakest student in class was told to stop playing cricket and focus on studies. He did. He did and after that went on a conquest of all the subjects. Came first in class, first in the school and first in the district. He was never going to give up, he said to himself.

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Dharini and Ragini

Coming from not so sorted society, we never really had our visions clear like a crystal. But we always believed in the fortunes, that efforts and hard-work bring to our lives. At a point, we were not able to decide what to pursue for the graduation, to fulfil our dreams and climbing on top with the stairs of our ambition.
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Humans of Mansarovar