Be Remarkable

re•mark•able [adjective]: worthy of being noticed, especially as being uncommon or extraordinary

Being remarkable is about challenging yourself, taking risks and pushing boundaries. Instead of deciding on what 'not to do', decide ¬what you are going to do'.

Sachin Tendulkar has not earned the title MASTER BLASTER just because he was talented but because he had spent 1000s of hours practicing and honing his skills all relentlessly determined and so had gone this far.

This is the philosophy at Mansarovar Group Of Institutions. We also practise what we preach and this is evident from the activities undertaken at our premises. We aim to provide platform to our students which exposes them to a truly contemporary learning environment that meets the demand of 21st century society, engage learners and produce graduates who are prepared to succeed in the world. MSGI offers a compelling vision and action steps to make the vision a reality. Amalgamating three pedagogies—antiquated, classical, and contemporary in education, we provide opportunities to create learners who can be- self-navigating, critic yet innovative ,globally connected citizen, and advocate learning lifelong.

MSGI has been conducting many events and will continue to innovate to support the motto-BE REMARKABLE-some highlighted ones are

  • Parakram Fest
  • SIARAM Cup
  • Meet The Caste Of Movie- HASEENA, Shraddha Kapoor, Siddhant Kapoor & others
  • Women's Kabaddi League

How do you decide to be remarkable?

  • Stop making excuses. Just stop. No one wants to hear why you couldn’t do something, so make a conscious decision to stop talking about it.
  • Take responsibility. This is the opposite of giving excuses. Take responsibility for your own success, and take responsibility for the success of projects you work on.
  • Find work that you love and do it well. Depending on who you are, you have to find work that you love, and do it well. Do it better than expected and people will be amazed.
  • Take it up a level. Take what’s already working well and exponentially add to it.

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