Shruti Raj

"Stethoscope and status were all I wanted, but life had other plans"

Without much efforts, I scored lucrative marks in 10th standard. And eventually, *expectations were raised*. I expected a little from myself, and my parents expected a lot, but my school wasn't writing up to my expectations. After opting biology in 11th standard, the school wasn't a serious case at all for me. There weren't enough teachers to teach us, so it was more bunking than studying. But as I said, expectations were raised, so for fulfilling my dream of becoming a doctor, my parents sent me with my low 11th standard grades to Kota, for NEET preparation. But unfortunately, you cannot run away from your fate. We submitted fees, brought and bought all the necessities, and eventually caught in the scuffle with destiny, which doesn't want this little girl to be away from her home, and close to her dreams. I was diagnosed with stones in my stomach and was back home because of a necessary operation.

Shruti Raj was confused. She couldn't find a way out and was running out of solutions. But giving up wasn't an option. So she came back home, continued her 12th standard from a private school and completed it with considerable marks. She changed her plan and now aims at pursuing her career in the research field in agriculture, and study as much as she can. New to the agricultural field, she doesn't have much information about it but wishes to thrive on her interest for studies. For her, impossible is nothing, and nothing is impossible.

Humans of Mansarovar