Ranjeet Patel

" I'm in parity with excellence, and I want to keep improving. Nothing can stop me. "

The weakest student in class was told to stop playing cricket and focus on studies. He did. He did and after that went on a conquest of all the subjects. Came first in class, first in the school and first in the district. He was never going to give up, he said to himself. And now he's here again, doing good in life, going with rhythm, and seeking cricket playing opportunities for the college team. This boy already has a knack for victory, as his name, Ranjeet, means victorious in Sanskrit. Ranjeet Patel is from the iconic city of Satna, Madhya Pradesh, which is an epitome of religious and cultural heritage. He used to travel 40 kilometres every day for the school and then has to study all by himself to keep up with the class. Not fond of many things in life, Doctors have always fascinated him and he also aimed at becoming one. The affinity for doctors and a better and healthy world brought him closer to biology, and later, to the agricultural field. What he always wished, he pursued.

Ranjeet is a reflection of what government schools in our country are capable of nurturing, only if they are given proper attention and proper facilities. Completing his 12th from Govt School, Amarpatan, Ranjeet was a part of a statement by his teacher, who "declared" that Ranjeet cannot pass in any subject in his senior secondary final year, in which, you know already, he set a benchmark for other students of his class, school and district. Such is the power of self-belief and constructive criticism. His later journey was followed by decisions, which were his own to make, and supported by everyone in his family. He went to Indore for his PMT coaching, but the weather wasn't his best friend there, and Ranjeet, still full of hope, got admitted in the hospital for two months. Instead of regret and melancholy, this envisioned man started looking for other options and finally took admission in the agriculture field, where he wishes to pursue further research in this sector. Dreams are never far away, they're just in tangled ways, always beside us. If you're focused and have courage and faith, then you're the king of the jungle, and nothing and no one can stop you from pursuing your dreams.

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