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The University was established in 2018 under Madhya Pradesh Niji Vishwavidhyalaya (Sthapana Avam Sanchalan) adhiniyam 2007. The private university is established by Sri Sai Gramothan Samiti, Bhopal which has vast experience of establishing educational institutions in the field of education for the past 25 years.


At Mansarovar Global University, Bhopal we offer our students a polytechnic education. We teach theory, add in practical, hands-on training and work with employers to give students opportunities to learn in real-world settings. Set in state-of-the-art and creative learning spaces, this unique approach unleashes innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and prepares students for the careers of today and tomorrow.

Mansarovar Global University, one of the best private universities, is located in the town of Sehore River, near Bhopal. In addition, this institution offers top-notch teaching in pharmacy, business, administration, and science. To fulfill the demands of the 21st century, we aim to change ideas and practices as a bastion of learning and a forerunner of quality consciousness.

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Our Vision:

Transforming post-secondary education through global, polytechnic leadership.


Humber develops global citizens with the knowledge and skills to lead and innovate


  • COURAGE: We are bold in charting a new course in high quality education.
  • EQUITY: We cultivate an environment where all individuals can achieve their future
  • SUSTAINABILITY: We preserve our collective future.
  • INNOVATION: We drive innovation and creative enterprise
  • WELLBEING: We nurture the health and well-being of our communities.bility

And all these factors together make us the best university in Bhopal.


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Nov 29
International Conference

Advances in Sustainable Agriculture Bioresource, Biotechnology & Bioeconomy will be held on November 29 & 30 organized by mansarovar

Our Group Institutes

Mansarovar Group in Bhopal, is a premier educational group imparting quality education in the disciplines of Ayurvedic and Dental, along with cultivating lifelong learning within school students.

Best Private University in MP
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top universities in MP
Best Private University in Bhopal

Frequently Asked Questions


With more than 300 programs of study and great academic flexibility, you can maximize the value of your MGU degree. Options include Dual Degree programs, combined BA/MA programs. At the core of the MGU academic experience is the MGU Hub, our innovative University-wide general education program. You'll explore Hub areas ranging from Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy to Scientific Inquiry to Ethical Reasoning, in courses both in and out of your major.


Because we're right in the heart of India, you have a wealth of opportunities to consider in your field of study or area of special interest. But why stop at MGU? We've also sent students across the country and around the world for internships and more.


MGU provides a variety of living communities. We guarantee on-campus housing for all four years of your undergraduate experience and 75 percent of students take us up on that offer.


You'll do so much more than just study here. You will get involved in any number of our student groups. So play in a MGU band, join a Basketball team, attend a MGU cricket match, get involved in foreign language courses, run for MGU Athletics society , have coffee and conversation near the lush Common Ground, attend a Dramatics or Photography class, dive into our swimming pool or have a friendly match at our futsal court and you'll feel your MGU pride in no time.

We provide the students with a secure setting where they can grow and broaden their horizons as part of our space, freedom, care, and security ethos. We are trailblazers who build a system that enables breadth and symbiosis of interchange of ideas, culture, and expressions and form collaborations and partnerships with the unwavering faith of parents, the master plan of visionaries, and the commitment of staff members.

The diverse experiences this private university in Bhopal offers produce professionals with an international mindset who proactively seek out and address problems at all levels, arousing personal thought processes and a strong sense of positive growth in creativity and social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

Since its inception, this private university has hosted seminars and events on a national and international scale. Some of the events have changed how people consider private university life in Bhopal; by letting them experience an amalgamation of art, culture, expression, and networking opportunities.

Our efforts aim to transform potential into valuable skills that promote professional growth and development, ensuring financial independence by integrating social and business effects and closing education gaps, enterprise, and entrepreneurship.

  • 1. Student job fairs featuring a range of professions and their potential
  • 2. Advice for entrepreneurs and new business owners
  • 3. Student networking and talent management at youth events

The Mansarovar University, which is the best private university in Bhopal, has won various awards on a national and international level. Thanks to several awards, this group of renowned scientific institutions from Central India started in 2018. After that, this private university continued to garner other significant accolades, including Education Icon. The best campus life and education are combined at Mansarovar university, making it an extraordinary university in Bhopal. We have received recognition from numerous commissions and councils. Mansarovar Global University has received the approval of numerous regional and municipal commissions and committees. The MPPURC, MPNRC, MPT, BCI, PCI, NCISM, and other organizations have granted the private university accreditation to offer a range of courses in various faculties.

Students have numerous opportunities to work in their field of study or interest because of this private university's strategic location within India, i.e. Bhopal. Additionally, students from the school are sent overseas to the uncharted territory of internships.

Mansarovar Global University in Bhopal is committed to providing students, who are the country's future, with high-quality instruction. Our goal is to build human capital's caliber, thoughtfulness, and discretion to integrate ideas into healthy initiatives and establish the foundation for a root-to-branch overhaul. To that end, we promote education as a right by funding it for deserving, driven students who want to learn and develop; hence making it one of the top private universities in Bhopal.

  • • Financial help and scholarships
  • • Student welfare initiatives
  • • Assistance with contests at the state and federal levels
  • • Subject-based research mentoring

Vishwavidya set up a program to grow and distribute medicinal herbs to indigenous populations in this series. In parallel, Mansarovar Global university in Bhopal has made contributions to a large number of other national MoUs with institutions. The Chancellor, Mrs. Manjula Tiwari, and Mr. Gaurav Tiwari is currently in charge of this private university in Bhopal; a new direction is being developed.

The admission process carried out by the University is based upon the norms set by the UGC. For further details contact the respective faculty in the University contact details.

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