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An Overview of MCA and What it Entails



The IT industry in India offers a flourishing career for computer application developers, due to which students tend to choose MCA as a career. MCA groom and strengthen computer application and software skills among students. It is a focused course that teaches IT skills, programming languages, etc. If you are interested to know the details of this course and what it entails, this blog is here to be your guide.

What is the MCA Course?

A two-year professional post-graduate degree called the Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is available to those who desire to learn more about the development of computer applications. A combination of practical and theoretical information is taught throughout the curriculum. Students who earn an MCA degree have the chance to work with tools designed to create applications more quickly and effectively.

Qualification Required to Pursue MCA

Below listed are the required MCA course qualification-

  • Students must have passed BCA or an equivalent with an aggregate of 50% marks.
  • Admission will be based on merit.

The skills Required by MCA Professionals-

  • Programming skills and experience
  • Strong technical skills
  • Programming languages such as c, c++, .Net, etc.
  • Communication and behavioural skills
  • Updated with new technological trends.

MCA Course Details

You will understand application development more deeply through this program by learning programming languages. The course curriculum covers the complete range of software technologies that support this potential. Thanks to the course's versatility, you can choose from a variety of advanced modules that correspond to your career objectives. Some of the emerging fields covered in this include big data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine vision.

MCA Course Duration

MCA is a 2 years course and is divided into 4 semesters.

MCA course specialization- Systems engineering, Networking, hardware technology, management information systems, Troubleshooting, software development, application software, and systems development are some popular specializations in this stream.

MCA Subjects

Here is the list of MCA subjects semester wise-

Semester 1

  • Introduction to IT
  • IT lab
  • Programming & data structure
  • Computer organization & architecture
  • Mathematical foundations
  • Programming lab
  • Management functions- Introduction
  • Probability & combinations

Semester 2

  • Implementations
  • Unix & Windows Lab
  • Operating Systems
  • Business programme lab
  • Info systems analysis design 7 implementations
  • Accounting and management control

Semester 3

  • Database Management
  • DBMS Lab
  • Computer Communications Network
  • Statistical Computing Lab
  • Management Support System
  • Object Oriented Design & Analysis

Semester 4

  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Network lab
  • Software engineering

MCA course fees for MGU are 40,000 approx per semester.

Job Profiles and Top Hiring Organizations for MCA Graduates

App Developer

Professionals that create, construct, and maintain mobile applications are app developers. App developers develop applications for the platforms such as windows, ios, and android.

Hardware Engineer

In order to ensure that the internet operates properly, hardware engineers install and test equipment. These people work on the development and manufacturing of hardware devices as well.

Technical Writers

A technical writer converts complex and technically challenging written information into concise and clear documentation that target audiences will read.

Manual Tester

The one who tests and checks defects of the software is called a manual tester. They need to ensure that all the aspects of an application are working smoothly.

Database Engineer

Computer systems firms employ database engineers to create and maintain sophisticated databases. The primary focus of the position is to guarantee the data's functionality, validity, and relevance.

Business Analyst

A business analyst generally mentors those who want to launch their businesses.

Web Designer/ Developer

A web designer is a professional in the IT industry who is in charge of planning a website's structure, aesthetic appeal, and usability.


Professionals who make sure that hardware and software technologies are useful to individuals who require them are trouble-shooters. If there is a problem, they fix it to ensure that projects are completed on schedule.

Social Media Handlers

Specialists who handle social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter of companies are social media handlers. Their main role is to keep the customer base engaged virtually.

“SAP labs” is the highest-paying organization, check out the list of organizations that hire MCA graduates-

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Deloitte
  • Toshiba
  • SAP Labs India
  • Huawei
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Cognizant
  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Microsoft
  • Mahindra
  • GAIL
  • BHEL

In India, a career in technology is wide and lucrative and MCA is the right course to start your career in this field. If you are looking forward to Pursuing MCA then Mansarovar Global University, will be the right place. We at MGU believe that the success of the students brings prosperity to a country and society at large. Students at MGU are trained by experts to create future leaders in the industry.


We hope, with this blog you have understood what the MCA course is all about, MCA course subjects, curriculum, and job prospects in this field. To ensure great learning in conceptual and practical aspects of computer application, get yourself enrolled in the Master of computer application program at MGU, Bhopal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile app developers, database administrators, and hardware engineers earn the highest salary as MCA graduates.

Yes, you can get a job abroad after MCA. Keeping an eye on the businesses that hire foreign professionals and applying directly to them will be one possibility. The second choice is finding employment in India with a multinational corporation like Ericsson. As with some years of experience, they send their employees to foreign countries.

MCA is a promising career option for people who want to build their career in the IT industry. MCA graduates can get jobs in private and government companies.

Yes, you can. There are various renowned Universities such as MGU, and Sehore, which offer MCA without any entrance examination.

This course offers the possibility to improve your technical understanding and technical proficiency. Those with an MCA degree are certain to readily land career prospects, and it also boosts your chances of getting promoted at work.