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Career Opportunities After Completing Graduation From The Best Arts Colleges

Graduation from the Best Arts Colleges


Are you the one who has completed the bachelor's degree and is looking forward to some career options to explore? Well, then you are at the right place as you are going to get here all the important details on what career you can choose after completing a bachelor's in arts. Bachelor in arts is basically a three-year course that is linked with subjects like social science, humanities, liberal arts, and a lot more like geography, history, geography, Sanskrit, etc. Students can go for any subject as per their goals and interests. There are various opportunities and an array of chances that one grabs after completing a BA.

Government Jobs

After the completion of the graduation course, the students can grab various career prospects in the government sector as well. This is one of the best options for a career after completing a BA. There are various secured fields that give you permanent job security and a respected position in the organization. If a student wants to build their career in the field then they need to work hard and also look for opportunities in the sector. Students can even prepare for various posts like SSC CGL, IPS, IFS, CDS, and state public services as well. These are the best jobs for arts students in India.

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Mass communication

Mass communication is one of the fields of interest that has gained a lot of popularity in the world. Journalism is vast and there are various news channels and magazines where the aspirants can get the opportunity to work. Media is one of the most fulfilling jobs one can work in and there are plenty more fields to try working in such as script writing, politics, entertainment, business, finance, and other fields. There are various options for Careers for art students.

Masters of Arts

Master of Arts is one of the best choices that one can opt for after completing a BA in Hindi, Journalism, history, political science, and other fields. It is among the Post graduation degree courses and there are various specific subjects in which one can pursue a master's. A master's degree is one in which you can explore higher knowledge and skills in a particular subject. After completing MA, the student is qualified for studying abroad and even do an M.Phil. There are various online and distance modes as well which can be opted for completing the education program. Choose the specialization subjects as per your interest and area of study. The various subjects that you can opt for include Economics, English, psychology, history, and public arts as well.

Digital Marketing

This is one of the most acceptable and demanding courses. Today's youth is learning it widely and they are making their world of digitization and e-portals. Online businesses are increasing and opening rapidly, there are billions of people who are using e-commerce portals to provide services. There is a vast field of digital business and students can explore this by learning skills that include digital marketing, advertising, branding, rules, and various other strategies. The various job opportunities that one can grab after completing the digital marketing course include digital marketing manager, social media manager, email marketer, SEM, SEO, Data Analyst, and a lot more.


There is a myth common among students that only commerce and business students are eligible for MBA. However, students who have completed their graduation in arts are also eligible for the same and there are various specializations in MBA which one can opt for. So, since it is a vast field, any stream student can join the course. The MBA degree holders are eligible to work in the public as well as the private sector. Some of the specializations that one can opt for include marketing management, retail management, project management, leadership management, and many more.

Choosing the best career for arts students is highly versatile because they have countless options to choose from the best. These above shares are just a few examples through which you can get a rough idea about the career options after your graduation. When you have completed your graduation from top-notch universities like Mansarovar Global University, you will get the best placement opportunities in the best companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The courses that one can pursue include Masters of Arts, MBA, MFA, LLB, BEd, and many other courses. These courses help to enhance the BA graduate's career scope and it is truly fruitful for them in the future.

There are various jobs that one can enrol in. These include Film making, Human Resources, photography, Digital Marketing, and management jobs. Try to increase your experience over the years so that you get a good job and you are skilled enough to perform that better.

Art Director has the highest salary. However, there are various other jobs that are linked with the arts stream that has the highest salary. These include lawyers, fashion designers, Hotel management experts and other fields.

If the student has knowledge in subjects of English, Geography, Political science, History, and similar subjects then there is a huge scope after pursuing a BA. The highest paying jobs for arts students in India are also availed after BA.

Specializations in subjects like political science, history, and English open doors to various civil services posts in India. Going for government jobs after pursuing a degree in arts could be quite helpful for you.

Yes, art students are eligible for various jobs such as in media, accounting, and even public relations. Arts graduates do have a lot of scopes and they can avail some top jobs in the civil services sector or the corporate world.

There are various art courses that one can pursue such as Bachelor of Fashion, Bachelor of Product Design, Bachelor of textile design, and many more.

Yes, there is a huge demand for arts jobs in India. Along with that the students who pursue arts are knowing about the benefits and more students are getting attracted towards the field.

No, both have different aspects. Engineering involves science however, art deals with emotions and creative aspects.

So, all those who are interested in pursuing higher education should go for the various top-rated master's courses such as MBA and MA. While those who want to do jobs can go for various other opportunities such as government jobs and even some private fieldwork. Best arts colleges help to pursue graduation in arts.