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Following courses are offered at Mansarovar Global University


Digital technology and computing are fundamental components of today's civilization. They are also important economic forces in the fields of communication, banking, and even leisure.

Through individual and group projects, our computer science course will equip you with the knowledge and abilities to create answers to challenging issues. You'll learn about a wide range of cutting-edge ICT and computing topics, starting with programming and moving on to databases, web development, computational mathematics, cloud computing, mobile computing, and even artificial intelligence (AI).

At Mansarovar Global University Faculty of Science, we are a forward-thinking faculty committed to generating and disseminating information and opportunities so that every one of our students can succeed in their chosen fields. Programming, electronics, networking setup and programming, Linux/Ubuntu/Windows installation, configuration, and administration, real-time systems, and network services are among the topics covered in the program. These courses lay the groundwork for students to develop software skills and expertise in data communications, networking, and security. You'll create, set up, and run network and embedded systems, deal with different network protocols and microcontrollers, and discover how to improve and create new applications.

Mansarovar Experience

In order to ensure that you have a solid foundation in the principles of algorithms, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and pertinent maths, we make sure you study the key components of computer science in your first and second years. The transition to university-level learning can be challenging. We are devoted to seeing that you gain the critical abilities required to improve your future possibilities.

Because of this, you will build software as a team in your second year and master new programming techniques in Java, a language that is often used in commerce and industry and a second language.

With a wide variety of modules to choose from and a personalised project that may be created from scratch or from a wide range of options supplied by faculty members, your third year gives you the flexibility to customise your degree to match your interests and skills.

In your final year, you will concentrate on integrating all of your skills by investigating the inner workings of networks, contrasting various computer architectures, and completing a significant project using an embedded system. To build network applications, you will also compare various application programming interfaces (APIs).

PRACTICAL APPLICATION - Study in our purpose-built computer laboratories and use our brand-new Digital Creative Studio, which is equipped with top-of-the-line PCs and media hardware that is used in the industry.

IN-DEPTH RESEARCH - In your senior year, undertake a sizable research project that focuses on a specific area of computing science.

LABS: The new computer laboratories created especially for this degree, as well as our brand-new Digital Creative Studio with industry-standard media equipment, will be available to students enrolled in our computing university programme.

Artificial intelligence and robotics, computation theory, security and privacy, computational life sciences, and human-centered computing are some of our research specialties.

Community and Professional Partnership:

This program provides a co-op option. Through co-op work periods, you may use your knowledge and abilities in the workplace while gaining valuable, real-world experience pertinent to your course of study.

Between Semesters 3 and 4, there is a first four-month work term, followed by two more four-month work terms between Semesters 4 and 5. As a result, you will apply for the co-op option during Semester 2 and be given information on the application procedure. Participating students will get various services to assist them in finding a co-op position, even though there are no guarantees that they will find co-op work possibilities given that students are in a competitive job placement market.


Analytical and design abilities are in high demand in this constantly changing profession. Implementations of systems that combine hardware and software, testing, maintenance, and the requirement for ongoing development and updating maintain graduates at the top of their game. Graduates work for various corporations and government agencies, ranging from sensor technologies to maritime logistics, sustainability, and infrastructure.

Contemporary Facilities

You will have access to a variety of cutting-edge digital materials, IT and computer resources, as well as our brand-new Digital Creative Studio, during your studies.