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University Campus
Mansarovar Global University, Billkisganj, Sehore, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh-466111

Bhopal City Office
Mansarovar Campus Opp. Bima Kunj, Kolar Road, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal-462042

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T : 0755-2495580, 4055278
M : +91-8989080809, 8989010102

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Officer  Designation  Contact No.  Email Id. 
Dr. Satish Chandra Sharma Principal 942577139
Secretariat AYUSH Offices
Mrs Kalpana Shrivastava, IAS Principal Secretary 0755-2708745
Mr. Pankaj Sharma Deputy Secratary 0755-2708812
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Mishra IAS Deputy Secratary 0755-2708814
Directorate AYUSH Offices
Mrs. Sonali Ponkshe Vayangankar, IAS Commissioner 0755-2571643
Mansarovar Global University Sehore M.P.
Dr. A.S. Yadav Vice Chancellor 0755-2495580
Co. H R Ruhil Registrar 0755-4055278