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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering


Nature is the factor, through which the Universe communicates to us. It is the ultimate resource that our civilization requires in order to thrive and survive. That is why, it should be an unflinching duty to save the environment and it's components, so that we can grow and develop simultaneously, with sustenance of the nature.

There has also been a drastic increase in the environmental pollution in the past years. The pace at which we are developing is tremendous, but the space it is occupying by deforestation of resources cannot be ignored, and should be treated soon to avoid a massacre. This is where we identify Environmental Engineering as one of the career options, where we can invest our efforts in saving the mankind and do something different as an occupation.

What is Environmental Engineering?

Environmental Engineering is a subfield of engineering which deals with the protection and preservation of environment and environmental resources as well as the protection of populations from environmental threats. The matter of pollution and adversities caused by it, are also look after by the environmental engineers. They tackle the effects of global warming and work on restoring the primordial form of the nature. They not only save the environment, but also work on saving the mankind from effects of environment.

Scope after Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is a vast field and and requires people from various backgrounds like professionals who are qualified in chemical, biological, thermal, radioactive or even mechanical engineering. In addition, specialists in sewage and water treatment, pollution prevention, waste reduction management and similar job profiles are required in many fields. As requirement for greenery management and environment conservation is increasing, various NGOs, research centres and government organisations require specialists in the fields.

Various fields to choose

  • Agricultural engineers
  • Biologists
  • Chemical engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Chemists
  • Ecologists
  • Geography experts
  • Geologists
  • Hydro-geologists
  • Public health experts
  • Solid waste management professionals
  • Hazardous waste management professionals
  • Water treatment technicians
  • Wastewater treatment technicians

Despite being an innovative field filled with opportunities, the awareness about this course isn't much among the students. There is an acute lack in the number of professionals in this field and not many colleges provide the course. Even before setting up an industrial establishment, there needs to be an approval taken from an environmental engineer.

Mansarovar Global University provides in Environmental Engineering and acknowledges the importance of this section of education by practical teaching. We emphasize on modern learning and empart education in a wholesome way