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Exciting Career Paths in Fine Arts and Design

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Fine Arts and Design is a course made for creative individuals. If arts and design excite you, a fine art fashion designer course is an ideal career choice for you. Fine arts fashion designer programs are high in demand. As you know, the fashion industry is always changing and demands something different and unique at the same time. To meet the demand of the market, the nation needs educated and skilled designers with great concepts and creative mindsets.

Fine Arts and Design degree courses provide numerous career opportunities all over the world. Once you successfully earn your degree and relevant skills, you can earn an average of INR 4-5 Lakhs per annum (starting salary).

So why waste your time, let’s explore the world of fine arts and design.

What is a Fine Arts and Design Course?

If we talk about fine arts courses, it is the course that typically focuses on creativity, innovation and ideation. These courses are typically offered at various educational institutions, including universities, colleges, art schools, and vocational training centres. You will find various diplomas, certificates, and undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in fine arts and fashion designer courses.

Discipline Covered under Fine arts and design course

Fine arts and design is a vast area of study. Its flexibility and versatility make this course more interesting for younger students. Creative people like you, tend towards such courses because they get the chance to upscale their learning through fine arts and design courses.

Under fine arts and fashion designer courses, you will get to see the following disciplines:-

  • Drawing and Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Digital Media Arts
  • Photography
  • Animator
  • Art History
  • Film Making
  • Interior Design
  • Applied Arts
  • Digital Arts
  • Dance/Signing/Acting/Drama
  • Visual Communication

Available degree programs in Fine Arts and Design

At Mansarovar Global University, you will find 2 types of fine arts and fashion designer courses. Both courses are made according to the global market trends and UGC norms. Under the faculty of Arts and Design, the college offers:-

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA)
  • Master of Fine Arts Degree (MFA)

Now you have seen various factors about fine arts and design courses. Now it's time to explore the career opportunities that are available after completing your fine arts and fashion designer courses.

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10 Amazing Career Paths in Fine Arts and Design

Being one of the interesting courses, Fine Arts and Design offer a wide range of career options. Fine arts career scope is globally present. At the international level, there is a huge demand for creative people like you. To become part of that job or work, you need to just earn a degree in fine arts and some essential skills.

Now, it's time to explore the ten exciting career paths in Fine Arts and Design:-

  • Art Director: Led creative teams in advertising, film, or gaming industries, overseeing visual concepts and designs to ensure cohesive messaging.
  • Graphic Designer: Use artistic skills to communicate ideas visually through branding, logos, and layout design for print and digital media.
  • Interior Designer: Transform interior spaces by balancing functionality and aesthetics, creating environments that reflect clients' personalities and needs.
  • Fashion Designer: Conceptualize and create clothing and accessories, staying abreast of trends and translating them into unique designs for the runway or retail.
  • Industrial Designer: Merge creativity with functionality to develop innovative product designs, ranging from consumer electronics to furniture.
  • Animator: Bring characters and stories to life through motion graphics and animation techniques for industries such as film, television, and gaming.
  • Art Conservator: Preserve cultural heritage by repairing and maintaining artworks, ensuring their longevity and integrity for future generations.
  • Exhibit Designer: Curate immersive experiences in museums, galleries, and events, crafting engaging narratives and environments to showcase art and artefacts.
  • Multimedia Artist: Blend various artistic mediums, such as digital art, sound, and video, to create interactive experiences for entertainment or educational purposes.
  • Art Therapist: Utilize the healing power of art to help individuals overcome emotional challenges and express themselves in therapeutic settings like hospitals or rehabilitation centres.

Eligibility and Admission Process of Fine Arts and Design

The eligibility criteria of the program may vary from level to level. If you opt for fine arts courses after the 12th, you will find different criteria and if you’re a graduate and want to pursue higher education, you will meet different criteria.

Let's see both eligibility criteria here-

Type of Program UG Course PG Course
Course Name Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA Courses) Master of Fine Arts (MFA Degree)
Eligibility 10+2 pass from any recognised board of education Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts or equivalent
Percentage Required At least 50% marks are required in the last qualifying examination At least 50% marks are required in the last qualifying examination
Mode of Admission Merit Merit
Relaxation 5% for reserved categories 5% for reserved categories

Admission Process

  • The admission process for both UG and PG courses is online
  • You need to click on the Apply Now button
  • After that register with your personal email ID and create your password
  • At your email ID, you will get your credentials for login purposes
  • Log in with your credentials and fill out the application form
  • Once you fill out your form, click on the submit button
  • After that, pay your application fee and save that slip for your future purpose


In conclusion, the vast and dynamic world of fine arts and fashion designer courses offers boundless opportunities for those seeking exciting careers. From graphic design to fashion, the creative possibilities are endless and ever-evolving.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is BFA degree definition?

    BFA degree stands for Bachelor of Fine Arts. It is an undergraduate degree program that can be done after the 12th class. Students who want to make a career in arts and design can go with the course.

  • What are the government jobs for bachelor of fine arts?

    Government jobs for Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates include positions in art education, museum curation, graphic design, and cultural management, offering diverse opportunities for creative expression and professional growth.

  • What are the fields in fine arts?

    In Fine arts and design, you will find various areas of specialization such as graphic design, fashion design, interior design, creative writing, digital arts, photography, video production and more.

  • What are the Benefits of fine arts education?

    Fine arts education fosters creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression. It enhances cultural appreciation, develops problem-solving skills, and promotes emotional intelligence, leading to well-rounded individuals in society.