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Science can serve as a building block for applied science, but this is not the sole use of science. Our notions of nature and the cosmos are built on an understanding of nature. Science shows us how crucial it is for people to live in harmony with the environment. In addition, science occasionally provides us the knowledge to deal with nature's wrath. One may argue that research enhances society's safety and mental well-being through these routes. Science is the most essential component of culture that humans have amassed over many generations.

In other words, as science advances, our understanding of nature becomes more refined, and we are inspired to look into the future. Our faculty is a thriving, active, and varied scientific community serving as a cutting-edge hub for knowledge creation, transfer, and application in basic and applied sciences and technology. The science faculty has gathered various active researchers and specialists in a singular environment of collegial spirit, good will, reciprocal support, and fruitful prospects.

Mansarovar Experience

You investigate, you query, and you find in science. Your intellect is wide open. You get passionate about expanding the bounds of the unknown.

Join us here at the Mansarovar Global University to pursue this interest, a place where science can flourish. Research and instruction are closely intertwined at the Faculty of Scientific; a full-service science faculty focused on students. The faculty aspires to be a global academic community where employees from all backgrounds may pool their skills toward the shared objective of being India's top scientific faculty.

Ten departments comprise the Faculty of Science: math, information science, physics, astronomy, earth and planetary physics, earth and planetary environmental science, chemistry, biophysics and biochemistry, biological sciences, and bioinformatics and systems biology.

Community and Professional Partnerships

The Faculty of Science has collaborative research relationships with scientists at organizations like Agriculture and Agri-Food India, Health Canada, Environment Canada, the Geological Survey of India, Hospital Research Institute, the Indian Museum of Nature, and the National Research Council, to name a few.

More than 160 full-time academics who conduct cutting-edge research and teach are members of the Faculty of Science. This support is an acknowledgment of the faculty's scientific leadership and an investment in the future of our society. Even outside the classroom, our instructors are committed to imparting their students their research knowledge. Professors at the faculty routinely stand out in their research and teaching, garnering top-tier recognition nationally and internationally.


Our students are required to engage actively in various subjects, including research, and become experts in their fields of specialization via real research. This includes researchers who work at universities, governmental organisations, or private businesses. Of course, some college students begin working for businesses or governmental organisations as soon as they graduate.