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Following courses are offered at Mansarovar Global University


Mansarovar Global University's Fashion and Design emphasizes retail operations from local and international perspectives because fashion is a worldwide industry. You'll research marketing, retail buying, event planning, social media, brand management, and store planning and merchandising.

While gaining a foundational understanding of fashion items and fashion marketing, you will also master fashion trend forecasting, sales strategies, and color and style analysis. These abilities are subsequently used in creating fashion events, arranging goods assortments, styling fashion shoots, and product launches.

Mansarovar Experience

Our advisory council reviews the curriculum and offers feedback, ensuring that our program is continually abreast of business trends. Students gain an understanding of this multibillion-dollar sector in first-year courses on the fashion business, including marketing tactics, product knowledge, trend forecasting, and web retailing.

Students continue to improve their foundational abilities in their second year by learning about wholesale sales, retail buying and operation, picture styling, event organizing, and budgeting.

Professional Partnerships

In Semesters 3 and 4, two field placement courses provide practical experience in your area of interest. The student finds the placement, which may or may not be compensated.

The Mansarovar Global University Benefit

For the benefit of all fashion students, the university offers classes that are specifically focused on fashion, resource rooms, window exhibits, and the Pop-Up Shop. The Pop-Up Shop is a brand-new A yearly fashion show is organized by graduating Fashion Arts and Business students. The event, which students organise, features collections from well-known designers and offers them the chance to plan and put on a chic and elegant display.

The Career

Work as an account manager in the cosmetics industry or as a buyer, associate buyer, planner, or distribution marketing manager in retail or mall management.

Work as a wholesale sales representative for clothing, accessories, or cosmetics. Additionally, our graduates might work as marketing assistants to fashion designers and manufacturers, buyers, visual merchandisers, merchandisers, shopping centre marketers, and trade show coordinators.

Opportunities like freelancing in picture styling, image consultancy, and event organising may be available to those who want the independence of self-employment.

Pour your technical expertise and innovative ideas into a challenging career in the rapidly developing industry of 3D animation, where your creativity only constrains your potential for advancement.

There are many job opportunities for those with the skills to tell compelling stories and build captivating digital characters and worlds in 3D as a result of the quick development of computer technology, as well as the skyrocketing global demand for animated entertainment, cable and satellite TV, and the internet.

You can pursue a career in 3D animation in the commercial, broadcast, or film sectors or look for work in the video gaming sector employing cutting-edge real-time technology.


Enjoy the thrill of working in a dynamic field where fresh ideas are valued and there are many prospects for progress. Use your creativity, talent, and ability to create incredible characters and settings for video games, live-action or animated movies, TV shows, special effects, dynamic animation packages for broadcast graphics, and beautiful advertisement product representations.

Additionally, you could work in technical directing, lighting, rigging, rendering, character animation, or computer graphics. Learn to create engaging storylines that grab your audience's imagination by going beyond stunning surfaces and moving objects in 3D art and animation. You will acquire a broad knowledge foundation and a set of solid art, animation, modeling, and visualisation skills through Mansarovar Global University's programme.

A programme created with assistance from industry advisers will give you a full grasp of the most recent 3D digital art technology, preparing you for the rapidly increasing 3D art area. Learn how the experts do it by utilising the same 3D animation tools and software to transform imaginative ideas into visually stunning visuals and completely completed designs.

Mansarovar Experience

With the help of this curriculum, you'll be able to hone a variety of the most useful digital and analogue art techniques as well as your awareness of technology and creative processes.

You can sketch, envision, and use colour theory to produce appealing work with the aid of a thorough grasp of art and design ideas. Additionally, you will become an expert at following a pipeline as you create material for various courses. Teamwork is also stressed as you work with students from various disciplines to imitate a studio/production environment more accurately.

Contemporary Lab

The Faculty of Media & Creative Arts at Mansarovar Global University College has a new resource for students called the Usability Lab.

Content producers may record and evaluate the interaction between the user and the design in this "Live Lab," a fully functional usability lab. It was built with flexibility at its heart and contains a wide range of technologies that supports usability testing at various degrees of sophistication.Our students have the opportunity to take part in and even direct experiments that will put the ideas they have created to the test and ensure that they function as intended.

VR Space -In order to create an interactive experience, computer programming and cross-disciplinary cooperation come together in the Virtual Reality (VR) Room, a development environment. Experiences might include everything from competitive video games to immersive activity-based treatment programmes. It is a one-stop shop offering testing and prototyping capabilities for virtual reality creation.