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Following courses are offered at Mansarovar Global University


Every aspect of human existence is impacted by the law and access to justice, from identity theft and cybercrime to the defence of minority rights and the fight against global warming.

Your course will cover a variety of subjects that are pertinent to the problems that people all over the world deal with on a daily basis and will help you become ready for an interesting career, no matter where it takes you (and there are many, many options).

You may be ready for a rewarding job in the legal sector with Mansarovar Global University's graduate certificate program in paralegal studies. Through a case- and issue-based learning environment, you will master skills in legal research, oral and written advocacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving. You will improve your oral advocacy abilities through interactive instruction, such as presentations and simulated trials.

A few topics covered in the courses are:

  • Contract and tort law.
  • Residential landlord and tenant law.
  • Employment law.
  • Small claims court.
  • Provincial offenses and summary convictions.
  • The rules and procedures of administrative tribunals.

Your studies in business planning, ethics, and entrepreneurship will help you get ready to launch and run your paralegal firm.

The students will finish the curriculum full-time across three terms, either September through August or January through December.

Learning from the work placement course is reinforced by participating in a third-term, 120-hour, required, unpaid work placement.

The Career:

The number of credentialed paralegals in employment has grown due to economic expansion and regulatory reforms.

Opportunities in the legal industry should continue to arise due to these changes. After receiving their licences, graduates may work as self-employed private paralegal practitioners in paralegal or law companies, government organizations, community legal clinics, and administrative tribunals, as well as in legal departments of public or private organisations.

Mansarovar Experience:

Whether you are a graduate student or an undergraduate, UCL Laws offers an exceptional educational environment. You will enrol in a legal programme that is more open, risk-taking, and experimental than many traditional law programmes, and you'll have access to our famous Human Rights Center. This organisation is widely regarded as a leader on a global scale.

The University's strategic objective to "develop, share, and use knowledge to make a difference for individuals and society" informs our culture.

Through our research, we constructively contribute to society and business while resolving urgent global problems. We commonly work together to offer excellence in research with companies, SMEs, and public sector organisations worldwide. Our research guides our instruction, which helps students develop an entrepreneurial spirit via practical and active learning and equips them to handle difficult business issues with critical thinking, self-assurance, integrity, and social responsibility.

Our students acquire the skills necessary to handle societal and commercial issues responsibly and sustainably. We continuously improve and extend our curriculum and student assistance to guarantee that our graduates acquire a sense of self-worth and are properly equipped to become skilled professionals and socially conscious global citizens.

We're thrilled that you will be a part of a vibrant international community of students and faculty at a law school. Your ability to create cross-cultural perspectives and insights into law and justice throughout the world will be encouraged by our global approach.

You will get an excellent foundation in legal theory while learning from top academics and practitioners. Via various student-led activities and contests, you will be able to comprehend how those concepts are used in practise. Our community of students, professors, researchers, and alumni will support you in realizing your potential both while you are a student with us and during your career.