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Mining Engineering

Mining is one of the biggest and most widespread logistic in the world. It is the process, which can be considered fundamental for the sustainability of the human race, as it is the extraction of resources, which are an adamant part of our lives and we rely so much on these resources, that life is impossible to imagine without them. The fuels which circulate life on Earth, the rubble which has privileged us of touching the skies from our balconies and even the coal that runs the power, are all results of mining. Even the microchips, that compute the technology are made of silicon, which is also obtained by the ways of mining.

The process of mining has an influential impact on a country's economy. It provide raw materials for the development and growth, like construction of roads, railways, bridges, eventually improving the standards of living. Mining, in the matters of economy, provides employment, skilled labour, generates taxes, produces small businesses and trained workforce. Foreign exchange is also yielded and it also accounts for a significant portion in the GDP

Mining engineering is a versatile course that offers a varied knowledge in the field of mining. Mine surveying, Mining mechanisation, industrial minerals are some of the areas, covered under the studies. Not only mineral extraction, mechanical engineers are also involved in different operations like drilling and blasting, rock mechanics, materials handling, mine health and safety, mine ventilation, mine cost engineering, ore reserve analysis, operations analysis, mine planning and processing, and many other courses of mining.

B tech in Mining is an interesting as well adventurous subject as the extraction process involves interesting tasks and it's always evoking to dig the Earth or into deep tunnels; you could never know what's inside.

Mining, also known as Mineral Engineering, is about the technologies and techniques used for identification and extraction of minerals from the earth. These all disciplines will be taught if you're pursuing graduation in Mining engineering.

Nature of work of Mining Engineers

Like other fields of work, mining also involves field work and desk jobs. There can be a lot of travelling, camping, survival in extreme climatic conditions, handling a large number of labour if you're working on the field, while on the other hand, comparatively much comfortable work can be there in the research process, laboratories. Surveying, reporting data, managing labour work, mineral expertise are some from a plethora of work, that a mining engineer can perform.

Career scope and job prospects in Mining Engineering

B. tech, M. tech and a diploma course can be the options for pursuing mining engineering. There is a vibrant list of jobs, that a mining engineer can find after graduation. The options are many to choose from government sector, private sector and even as a consultant in the areas such as underground coal mines, surface mines, mine manager or mine planning, and even mining investment analyst. Miners are also required by Civil Engineering companies to supervise tunneling and other related works of underground digging.

Most of the occupational advantages resides in the public sectors, in the organizations like The Indian Bureau of mines, Geological Survey of India, Cial India limited, IPCL and many others. Many other disciplines of engineering are used with mining to extract and process minerals and resources. The geography, economics and management, are all works of a mining engineer.

Individuals with good skills and knowledge of basic sciences, engineering and economic principles will find it easy to grab a job quickly in many companies. A student with wholesome personality with soft skills would be best suited, as mining engineers have to work with different kind of professionals for the smooth functioning of entire operation. Starting a job as a consultant is also an option for mining engineers. Many engineers are employed as Production Managersor Mine Managers to supervise the work. One can also become Mining investment analyst or Petroleum Engineers with their skills of mining engineering. The basic pay scale starts from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month, but can vary from the pedigree of the colleges, the student has graduated from.

Mansarovar Global University

provides you with the best and latest knowledge of this course. Being a name in some of the universities which provide this course, we aim at imparting the education in the most practical way. B. tech in mining is a very venerable code course, which is demanded very much in the contemporary world, where the population is overdemanding the resources. Not only technical, but emphasis on economic side of mining is also given in our curriculum of courses, to wholly develop the knowledge and skills of the students.

Eligibility Criteria (Qualifying Exam)

Pass with 50% aggregate marks 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or equivalent. Relaxation to reserved category students are as per State Govt. norms.

Admission Criteria

Based on Merit in qualifying examination. Reservation for SC/ST/OBC/PH as per State Government norms.

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