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Following courses are offered at Mansarovar Global University


Any medical goal cannot be achieved without paramedic staff, which form the basis of all medical interventions.

There is an increasing need for medical workers in hospitals and nursing homes due to the rise in environmental risks causing more illnesses.

The importance of paramedical staff in the medical field, particularly in treating trauma and accidents, is becoming increasingly clear. The need for skilled paramedical staff is growing as healthcare delivery systems rapidly transform.

The Faculty of Paramedical Science was founded to produce qualified paramedical and allied health professionals to meet the expanding demand in the healthcare industry. In healthcare delivery systems, paramedical training in multidisciplinary medical fields is critical.

A crucial component of the medical profession, skilled and well-trained paramedical staff have been increasingly in demand in recent years. The school provides undergraduate degree programs in paramedical and related health sciences to fulfill the rising demand for skilled and trained paramedical employees.

We are prepared to play a part in meeting the growing need for paramedics experts both in India and internationally.

Mansarovar Experience:

The Faculty of Paramedical Science at Mansarovar Global University provides you with a strong foundation in the knowledge and abilities required for this demanding, fast-paced career. You will learn how to handle medical and traumatic situations efficiently through hands-on training and theory classes in paramedical science, human anatomy, physiology, psychology, pharmacology, and patient lifting. Your thorough paramedic training will also include the communication techniques required to work with patients and your coworkers on a healthcare team.

Through a clinical practice course, which will introduce you to the function of paramedics in hospital departments, including acute and emergency care, you will learn about the varied contexts in which paramedics operate and implement classroom principles.

Students graduate with more than 550 hours of work experience in acute care hospitals and paramedic services.

Some course materials offer a theoretical foundation for the abilities required to handle traumatic and medical situations.

Others place emphasis on having good patient communication skills and being able to work well in a team setting.

Community and Professional Partnerships:

Due to the excellent reputation, MGU maintains strong relationships throughout the community and is frequently chosen by organizations and establishments.

The paramedic program is highly regarded across the province for producing paramedics of the highest caliber, who have worked in every paramedic agency there.


Paramedical professionals are enjoying exciting career options in a variety of healthcare settings, from hospitals and community pharmacies to working in GP offices, care facilities, and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as taking on increasingly significant roles in contemporary healthcare teams.:

Operation Therapy Technology (OTT):

Operating room technicians are employed by allied healthcare. In hospitals and clinics, they are crucial to the effective running of ICUs, CCUs, and operating rooms. To assist doctors or surgeons during surgeries, they undergo training. During surgery, a variety of equipment, anaesthetic, and tools are employed. An operation room technician is trained to use this equipment, set up surgical instruments, provide the correct amount of anaesthetic, and assist the surgeon or physician during surgery.

Jobs & Additional Opportunities:

Hospitals and clinics with surgical wards, both public and private, typically employ operating room technologists. After finishing higher education, one may take on the role of an instructor or teacher at applicable training institutes.

Technology for Eye Care:

Graduates of the Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology programme get instruction in patient evaluation, fundamental vision treatment, eye exams and other ophthalmic tools, patient monitoring, prescription and distribution of eyeglasses and contact lenses, and optometry operations.

Jobs & Additional Opportunities:

Technical issues and standard vision care procedures can be handled by DOT professionals. While assisting ophthalmologists, they might do it in a number of different ways. As an illustration, keeping records, doing eye examinations, providing lenses, and managing the front desk.


A job in health care requiring an optometry diploma entails: • Examining the eyes and other visual systems for faults or abnormalities.

• using contact lenses or spectacles to correct refractive faults.

• Handling ocular conditions.

Jobs & Additional Opportunities:

These diploma recipients can pursue careers as a customer service associate, private practitioner, professor, trainee optometrist, vision consultant, optometrist assistant, assistant nutrition officer/data assistant, junior medical coder, lens consultant, office assistant, optometry technician, etc.

Occupational Therapy:

A science known as occupational therapy uses prevention, protection, treatment, and rehabilitation to assist people who are physically, emotionally, intellectually, or neurologically disadvantaged or challenged. The area focuses on creating methods for solving problems that regular people can employ.

Jobs & Additional Opportunities:

With a diploma in occupational therapy, graduates can find employment as medical coders, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, and more. Students who are interested in the health sciences will profit from the course and fit in well.


The programme was developed to keep up with the changing demands of the industry. The medical specialty of radiography, which utilises pictures to identify and treat bodily diseases, is one of the most intriguing ones.

Diagnostic radiography is a discipline of medicine that uses X-rays and other imaging data to determine the sickness or injury that a patient has.

Jobs & Additional Opportunities:

Hospitals, clinics, and physician offices are experiencing a steady increase in demand for competent radiology technologists. Radiography will continue to see above-average job growth in the future. These diploma holders are qualified to work as radiographers, MRI technicians, CT techs, ultrasound technicians, diagnostic medical sonographers, and radiologists (MD).

Radiology Technician:

The course assists the student in gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to perform laboratory tests, general radiography, and electrocardiograms. Along with classroom instruction, hands-on lab and clinical practise, this diploma course also covers the X-Ray technique, medical insurance and coding, patient billing, and other subjects.

Jobs & Additional Opportunities:

Following completion of this course, the student may find employment at a physician's office, private clinics, public hospitals, medical labs, outpatient care, colleges and universities, and writing medical content, among other locations. They might also serve as X-ray technicians, assistant radiologists, or radiologists.

Mansarovar Global University Faculty of paramedical sciences one of the pioneer health care institution in Bhopal with good academic excellence impart quality education to students through dedication and commitment especially in a global context. We intend to augment world class education and aim to elevate our institution to international standards of health sciences courses.

The College has highly qualified, committed and talented teaching faculty who keep students to abreast with the ever-evolving academic challenges and developments. We offer practical and industry-oriented skill development with rigorous teaching supplemented by evidence-based education. It enhances students to stand alone and develop a strength of character that enables them to be comfortable in any work environment. Apart from the curricular activities the students will be actively involving in co-curricular events in and outside the campus.

We feel proud to provide quality education which equips students with skills, confidence and a positive approach Once again welcome you to the MANSAROVAR family. I hope you spend the most amazing and memorable years of your life in our institution.

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”. Wish you all the best.

faculty of paramedical sciences Jagpreet Singh

Dr. Jagpreet Singh
Principal Paramedical