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Following courses are offered at Mansarovar Global University


Faculty of Pharmacy Mansarovar Global University are prepared for work in community, hospital, industrial, and long-term care pharmacies, among other settings. Enjoy practical instruction in simulated laboratories with small class sizes and knowledgeable instructors who are working pharmacists. Learn as well from professional guest speakers in the pharmaceutical sector.

The function of pharmacists within healthcare teams is more crucial than ever. You'll learn all there is to know about drugs and the law, protecting individuals from damage and death due to medication.

The focus of the courses, which are created in partnership with practising pharmacy professionals, is on core competence areas including safety, legal and ethical duties, patient care, product distribution, health promotion, knowledge application, and communication. Students put their knowledge to use in mock labs and on the job sites, gaining useful experience.

Mansarovar Experience

Lead the way in pharmacy technician education by being a model of professionalism, excellence in instruction, and dedication to student achievement. In our consultation and simulations suite and newly renovated clinical skills training facility, hone your diagnostic, patient education, and consultation abilities. Improve your career chances by participating in international research collaborations and clinical placements.

Learn from experts in the field of pharmacy, science, and research. With the knowledge, abilities, and professional ethics required to advance the health and wellbeing of the communities they serve, graduates of the Pharmacy Technician programme are prepared for careers in the field.

Future lessons will be shaped by the co-design of our instruction with current students. Across therapeutic themes, we blend professional practise, pharmacological prescription, and patient skills. Gain expertise in clinical interactions by working in community, GP, and hospital pharmacies. You will improve your ability to counsel patients and medical professionals on the appropriate and safe use of medications.

Community and Professional Partnerships:

Placements provide important workplace experience and industry contacts. In Semester 4, under the guidance of a pharmacist or technician, students will perform two unpaid, five-week work placements: one in a retail/community pharmacy and one in a hospital pharmacy. Students will be given a list of authorised placement locations and asked to rank them in order of choice. The goal is to assign students to one of their chosen locations.


In addition to enjoying exciting career opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals and community pharmacies, GP offices, care facilities, and the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists are playing increasingly significant roles in contemporary healthcare teams as experts in medicines. All of the instructors are authorities in their particular areas of pharmacy practise, and they bring their special expertise to bear to best prepare graduates.

Contemporary Facilities:

The pharmacy technician students are the only ones who may utilise the fully furnished laboratories. The foundation for the dispensing abilities that are performed in the pharmacy laboratories is knowledge acquired in lecture courses. Students study and practise all of the necessary compounding and dispensing techniques in the lab for at least one-fourth of their planned class time.

From a modest beginning in 2018, Mansarovar Global University (MGU) has now grown into a fully integrated PG Pharmacy Institution. The guiding philosophy of the college, throughout, has been creation of knowledge and influencing Pharmacy practices. The objectives of imparting education, combined with creation, dissemination and application of knowledge, are being met in an integrated form, to create a synergetic impact. It inculcates human values and professional ethics in the students, which help them, make decisions and create path that are good not only for them, but also are good for the nation.

To fulfil its mission in new and powerful ways, each member of MGU community strives to achieve excellence in every endeavour - be it education, research, consulting or training - by making continuous improvements under the leadership of Shri K K Tiwari, Chancellor and Prof(Dr). Arun K Pandey Vice-Chancellor of Mansarovar Global University.

Dr. Vishal Gupta Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy
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