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Top Reasons to Pursue BA in Interior Designing

BA in Interior Designing


Interior designing is a fascinating career option. It will boom your creativity and allows you to transform empty and boring spaces into beautiful and cozy spaces. It is challenging as well because you are supposed to do something creative with every project you receive. However, this challenge isn’t stressful. Instead, it is refreshing and a feel-good challenge that will leave you confident and happy with every successful event.

Interior designers have the capability to transform small spaces into clutter-free spaces which ooze positivity. If you are someone who has a child who was always creative with projects and loved to spice up things around you, then interior designing is a possible career choice for you.

Let us discuss various reasons to convince you why pursuing BA in Interior Designing is a good option.

Ample of Opportunities

The latest survey has shown that there are quite a few interior designers in India compared to the demand for interior designers. It also revealed that career opportunities will grow tremendously. Hence, it suggests that in the coming future, there will be various job positions in interior design with promising pay per annum. Interior designing isn’t limited to designing the interior of houses, rather they are required in every sector because everyone needs a space to work and live, and wants to make it beautiful so that people don’t get sick of the place. So, there are numerous opportunities in interior design.

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Boosts your creativity and imagination

Every single human being on this planet has a seed of creativity within them, the difference is that some people showcase it and some don’t. It is great if you have found the artistic and creative side of yourself, the BA Interior design course will professionalize your skills and polish them as well. And for others, an interior designing course can be a path of awakening because it will help you find the hidden artist in you and teach you how to put your skills to work.

The course will make you a professional and the regular projects that you will receive will enhance your creativity and imagination to a great extent. Creativity is something that never stops, hence, there is incredible scope in this career path.

Challenging projects

Every project that you work on is a new space where you can test your creativity and imagination. Once your basics are clear, you can mix and match and amplify the space as per your creativity. Of course, you are taught certain rules like certain two colors shouldn’t be used or two elements and more, however, these rules can be broken and changed because imagination and creativity see no rules. One of the challenges one faces is fulfilling client’s expectations on time and on a limited budget, but as you keep on working, you’ll overcome this challenge as well. And this is how you’ll create an amazing career in interior design.

Huge potential for entrepreneurship

We talked before that interior designers are in huge demand; hence, this opens up the opportunity for you to become an entrepreneur. You can spend three to four years gaining experience and observing how the industry works, and later on, you can invest your earnings and start your own entrepreneur firm, be your own boss, start a team for yourself, and revolutionize the industry with your skills. Working as an independent interior designer will give you freedom and will also allow you to work on your own terms and create a work culture you love.

Opportunity to work in diverse sectors

One of the best things about interior designing is that you don’t have to work in just a single space. Instead, you get to design various spaces like houses, offices, restaurants, libraries, schools, religious places, galleries, resorts, museums, and much more. In your lifetime, you’ll get to design various places, huge and small and every project will have different goals, demands, and budgets.

Hence, interior designing is a course which has ample potential and isn’t constant throughout. With every project, your creativity will grow and you’ll get a new canvas every time to show the magic you have.

Now that we know the reasons, let us figure out how you will step into the industry.

You can easily get into the industry once you have basic knowledge about interior design and have also done projects regarding the same. All of this can be done if you choose a BA course in Interior design.

Mansarovar Global University in Madhya Pradesh is one of the best private colleges in Madhya Pradesh and also has a course for the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Designing.

MG University was established in 2018. The campus covers an area of 51 acres at Bilkisganj Sehore, Madhya Pradesh. The establishment of the university was done by Sri Sai Gramothan Samiti, Bhopal. Samiti has 25 years of experience in establishing educational institutions.

The university offers a calm learning environment to its students which is great for their creative minds and helps them in thinking critically. Also, unlike many institutions in India, this private institute is open to views and opinions through which they can add more value to the lives of students that step into MG University.

They impart learnings to students that help them become responsible citizens, tackle future challenges with ease, and incorporate the best of academics and values.

The BA in Interior Design provided by MGU is under the Faculty of Fashion and Animation. The course is spread over three years and is in yearly mode. The course is apt for students with imaginative, curious, and creative minds who wish to do things that are out-of-the-box.

In order to be eligible for admission in the course, the student must have passed 10+2 or Biology, or equivalent with 50% aggregate marks. Also, a 5% relaxation is given to students from North East states, wards of Defense Personnel and their dependents, and the wards of Kashmiri migrants.

There won’t be any entrance exam and admissions will be solely on the basis of merit. There are reservations for those belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBC, and PH as per the norms of the Madhya Pradesh government.

Hence, now that you know why choosing Interior Designing is good for you, you can definitely check out the BA in Interior Design provided by MG University and amp up your knowledge and skills for a great career in interior design.