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Due to Mansarovar's innovative, focused, and research-intensive environment, our research students have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects that have a real-world impact. Studying here will open doors for you because of our love for the industries we work in and our long-standing connections with some of the most famous businesses in the world. Students now access the most current research opportunities across our eight theme areas. Find out more about the pathways to pursue a research degree at MGU. In addition to these options, we also encourage submissions from prospective students who have a research plan or concept they would want to develop.


The length of the program is 36 months for full-time students or between 48 and 72 months for part-time students.

Ph.D. studies have a probationary year. You will be required to submit a thesis proposal before the conclusion of the first year that defines a plan of study to address the issue, identifies a specific research topic, reviews pertinent literature, and summarises any preliminary findings.

Thesis submission is anticipated after the third year, followed by an oral examination, and your progress is evaluated annually.

You will be granted a doctorate if your thesis is determined to constitute an original addition to knowledge in your field.

Our academic staff members are leaders in their disciplines who are recognized on a global scale, enabling us to help students from various backgrounds and with a range of research interests. The MGU staff member shall assist with your choices with you.

There are several ongoing research initiatives with us that you may become involved with. These are fully sponsored opportunities, frequently through partnerships with business and research bodies.

If you have a research topic you'd like to investigate further, use our Expert Finder to locate a relevant academic. Then, send an email to the inquiries office, and they'll make sure your application and proposal are sent to either the academics you've located or the most suitable academic supervisory team, which can help you develop your proposal and research.

We can assist with developing and supporting any research project ideas that you or your employer may have related to your line of work. Because of our flexible approach to learning and delivery, many of our students can pursue a research degree while continuing to work for their present company, making it a balanced and rewarding experience.


After having been admitted, each Ph.D. student shall be required to undertake course work. The duration of the course shall be one/ two semesters for all candidates. The course work shall be treated as pre-Ph.D. preparation. It shall include:

  • Semester one shall comprise of a course on research methodology which shall include quantitative methods and computer applications etc. and two of the electives suggested by supervisor/ co supervisor.
  • In second semester, the candidate has to choose two electives with the consent of his/her allotted supervisor/co-supervisor. A review or survey of the published research in the relevant field shall be submitted to the supervisor/co-supervisor for which supervisor/co-supervisor shall evaluate the review report.
  • The candidates who have obtained M.Phil degrees as a regular student based on entrance test shall be exempted from the Ph. D. course work.


The candidate shall pursue his/her research at the approved place of research under the supervisor/co-supervisor on the approved topic. The candidate shall be permitted to submit his/her thesis not earlier than 24 months after successful completion of course work at the research center and not later than six calendar years from the date of registration. In case a candidate does not submit his/her thesis within five calendar years, from the date of registration and does not apply for extension in time, his/her registration shall stand automatically cancelled.


At the end of completion of three calendar years, student is eligible to appear for Pre-Ph. D. viva. After the incorporation of suggestion suggested by the Committee, final thesis can be submitted for evaluation and viva-voice.


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